Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Europa: Featured Article of the Day

Just as I am going to bed (finally, yes, I know, it is 2am in the morning), what do I find to my horror when I do a quick check of Wikipedia: Europa is the Featured Article of the Day. To be honest, it isn't a bad article. It does spend a too much time on astrobiology and comparatively little time on Europa's surface features. That, in my mind, demonstrates all that is wrong with Europan science. Last time I checked, no life has been found on Europa. It spends plenty of time talking about Black Smokers and extremophile life, which is all well and good, but until we find life on Europa, that has nothing to do with that moon. The article also spends quite a bit of time on canceled missions to Europa, but preciously little article space to missions that have explored Europa or ones that have a good chance of exploring it.

Anyways, so that article is on Wikipedia if you want to check that out.

Link: Main Page - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [en.wikipedia.org]

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