Monday, May 5, 2008

Things I Missed Playing Grand Theft Auto

Okay, I have some time to post some items I missed last week because I was busy helping Niko Bellic get revenge in Liberty City:
  • According to, Europa is the awesomest moon in the Solar System. Of course that is wrong, it isn't. Not by a long shot. Io is just as colonize-able as Titan (pick your poison: radiation or carcinogenic sand dunes). Ganymede is more so than Europa (using amount of radiation as a metric). And why does Enceladus have one blip for "Potential to colonize" but Phobos and Deimos get four. Thanks to Juramike at for the heads up.
  • Io has been hiding out from the astrophotographers over the last few weeks. Christopher Go captured a nice view of Jupiter with Io's shadow on May 1. "Asimov" posted some of his captures of Io and Jupiter from this morning on the South Celestial Pole forum.
  • I still haven't read that Io footprint paper.

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