Monday, November 3, 2008

A few quick notes

Here are just a few quick news items:
  • The final reports for the two Outer Planet Flagship teams, the Europa/Jupiter System Mission (EJSM) and the Titan/Saturn System Mission (TSSM), were due today. I have no idea when these reports will be available online, but both teams will be making the first of their final pitches later this week at the Outer Planet Assessment Group meeting in Tempe, Arizona. Presentations from that meeting should be available much sooner than the final reports, giving us a look at what the final missions will look like.
  • The Wikipedia article Volcanism on Io will be the main page featured article. Yeah! This would make it the second article I had a big hand in molding to be the main page featured article (the other being Enceladus).

1 comment:

  1. It's interesting that there's not a peep on the announced OPAG schedule about any of the proposed Stirling-powered outer Solar System missions, but there IS one about Heidi Hammel's proposed Trojan/Neptune/KBO flyby mission for the 4th New Frontiers AO. Does this mean that the status of the Discovery Program as a whole is wobbly right now, or just that the Discovery proposers don't want to give away any details about their proposals?