Friday, September 18, 2009

Io Talks at DPS 2009

The science program as well as the abstracts for this year's DPS meeting were posted online a few weeks ago. DPS 2009 will be taking place in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, and as such, I won't be going. Hopefully the organizers will be able to broadcast the meeting oral sessions like they did for last year's meeting, but I guess that will depend on the infrastructure at the El Conquistador Resort. The webcasts last year allowed me to post about each of the Io talks here on this blog.

The 2009 Meeting of the Division of Planetary Sciences will be held between October 4 and 9, 2009.

In this year's science program, there are four Io talks and one poster planned. All four Io talks will be held during the Galilean Satellites oral session on the afternoon of Friday, October 9. The Io-related poster will be in the Decadal Survey White Papers section during the poster session on the evening of Tuesday, October 6. Here is a brief summary of the talks and posters to be presented:
EDIT 09/19/2009 4:17 pm: Fixed links to abstracts...hopefully...  If you are having trouble with the links, just go to the two sessions with Io talks and posters and click the links their for the abstracts: Galilean satellites oral session and Decadal Survey White Papers poster session.

Link: DPS 2009 Meeting []

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