Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekly Recap

Wow, last week was insane. We had more visitors last week than we have ever had in a month, almost 1,000. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and I hope I can keep some of you around to learn a thing or two about Io. It was also a busy week in terms of posts thanks to the selection of the Europa/Jupiter System Mission as the next Outer Planet flagship mission. So let's take a look at last week in review:
This week should be a bit quieter than last week, obviously, as I really don't see any external news coming that will generate posts. However, I plan to post summaries of two papers posted on the Icarus website yesterday, including one covering HST observations of Io's atmosphere that I will be posting later today. The Gish Bar Times also turns one year old on Wednesday, so we might do something special for that :)

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