Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Accepted Inevitable; Now on Twitter

There are some new web trends that I grab onto with both hands. There are others, like Twitter, that I avoid for the longest time before breaking down. Well, I have finally accepted the inevitable and joined Twitter. You can follow me at my twitter page. What in the world will I post on Twitter? Funny stories I see online. Brief mentions on what I am working on now. The occasional reaction to any Io news that comes out before I have the time to write up a longer blog post here. The occasional non-sense. I am not sure yet. I will need to find some desktop app that will allow me to post quick Twitter posts without needing to remember to get the twitter page open...

So, if you use Twitter, you can now follow me... But please, not too closely.

Link: Jason Perry (volcanopele) on Twitter []

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