Saturday, May 2, 2009

My 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast

My podcast for the 365 Days of Astronomy should be online later today, if it isn't already. The topic of my podcast is "It's the Season for Eclipses in the Jupiter System." Here is the summary I submitted for this edition:
In 2009, as it does every six years, the Jupiter system experiences equinox. While Jupiter's low axial tilt makes the passing of season much less noticeable than on Earth, Mars, or Saturn, equinox does bring a season of eclipses for Jupiter's moons. From Earth, astronomers can observe these eclipses as well as occultations, when one moon passes in front of another. Today, we will discuss the useful science gained from eclipses and occultations as well as a few of the eclipses coming up in the Jupiter system, focusing primarily on Jupiter's innermost large moon, Io.
I cover both the equinoxes to be experienced by Jupiter and Saturn in the podcast, looking at the unique events that can be observed during the months surrounding equinox as well as look at the types of changes that occur in these two systems as the seasons change.

I hope you all have a chance to check it out! You can also read the blog post that was the genesis for this podcast.

Link: 365 Days of Astronomy - It's the Season for Eclipses in the Jupiter System []

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