Monday, October 19, 2009

Carnival of Space #125 @ Orbiting Frog

The blog Orbiting Frog has this week's edition of the Carnival of Space, the 125th edition.  The Carnival of Space provides a summary of the week that was in the space and astronomy blogosphere.  So it is definitely worth checking out to get yourself up to speed.  Orbiting Frog, certainly one of the better blog names I've seen.

Looking elsewhere, there are a few interesting blog posts to point out.  Dr. Paul Schenk has shared some new 3D movies and images based on his model of the Callanish impact basin on Europa at his Stereo Moons blog.  Callanish is a multi-ring impact basin, kind of a miniature version of the Valhalla basin seen on Callisto.  The much smaller size, yet similar morphology, is the result of the thinner ice shell at Europa compared to Callisto's.  The impact of the 3-5 kilometer wide comet or asteroid likely did not penetrate through to the liquid layer, but the ductile bottom layer of the ice shell disrupted the formation of the crater, leaving a series of concentric rings surrounding a relatively low and hummocky center rather than a central peak impact basin.  A similar process occurred at Tyre elsewhere on Europa.

Elsewhere, Ted Stryk processed an old opnav from Galileo showing Ganymede and Io, and gave it some color.

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