Monday, October 6, 2008

Best Color Image of Pillan

I was working on creating images for Wikipedia for various volcano article that I thought needed working on. Anyways, I ended up making what I think is one of the best color images of Pillan Patera from after its eruption. This color image combines high-resolution clear filter data from I24 (the 24ISSTEREO01 observation) and lower resolution color data acquired nine hours later (the 24ISGLOCOL01 observation). This combines to make a color images of Pillan Patera at ~1.45 km/pixel, but keep in mind that Pillan Patera was near the limb during the high-resolution observation. This image helps make clear some of the relationships between Pillan's lava flows, produced during an eruption in the summer of 1997, and diffuse deposits nearby.

Click on the image at left to see a higher resolution version. The image is in simple cylindrical projection with a resolution of 1.45 km/pixel.

1 comment:

  1. Looks good, but I would strongly suggest interpolating the area where that big missing streak is at the bottom for an image like this - the general public is going to think that is a real feature in the image. I have worked a bit with Wikipedia (which still uses an image or two of mine). However, after some GNU license demands, I instead told them to go fly a kite (using more colorful words).