Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wikipedia and Io

The Volcanism on Io article on Wikipedia has gone through quite a few updates since my post on Tuesday, approaching the quality of a Featured Article, IMHO. I should point out that this article covers the physical process on the surface of Io, not the book that I reviewed here last week. The main Io article on the site was made a featured article last year, so this would make the second Io-related featured article on Wikipedia. This week, I also started a few stub articles on Amirani, Prometheus, and Surt. I might take another look at those tomorrow.

Again, don't forget that Wikipedia is the encyclopedia that anyone can edit, so feel free to go through those articles and improve them, even if it is just my grammar ;-)

While Wikipedia is often not the best source of information, or even a good source, it is still the number one search return when people look for almost anything on Google. So more often than not, it is often the first place people will look for information. Why not make sure that the information it has is accurate, thorough, and useful?

Link: Volcanism on Io []

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