Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Thoughts from the Aether

Here is a quick round-up of random items from the web that you all might find interesting:
  • Van Kane has published on his blog, Future Planetary Exploration, his thoughts on the Outer Planet Flagship mission proposals. Like, it looks like he would fine with either one being selected and shares some of my opinions. For example, one of the reasons I (barely) prefer the Europa Jupiter System Mission is that it seems to do a lot more broad science of the entire Jupiter system, including Europa, whereas the Titan mission focuses primarily on Titan and Enceladus. The Titan mission though has some amazing plans, such as the hot-air balloon and the boat.
  • Yesterday's 365 Days of Astronomy Podcast has a nice overview of Jupiter's Great Red Spot.
  • The Detailed mission studies for the two flagship mission proposals have not been released yet, so stop asking me.
  • There are a few great videos of the annular eclipse the other day. This one is my favorite.

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