Monday, June 15, 2009

Eclipses of Io by Ganymede on June 16

Tomorrow (June 16), Io will experience three solar eclipses by its larger neighbor, Ganymede. Like those that took place last week, these eclipses are mostly visible over the north polar region of Io, though totality could be observed much further south than those last week (I say could because, obviously, no one is there to experience them). Luckily, thanks to software like Celestia, we don't have to let a little thing like a few hundred million kilometers stop us. Below is a video of an eclipse over the northern part of Io's anti-Jovian hemisphere that will take place in about three hours (1:08 am MST). Yes, like the nerd I am, I will watch it live on Celestia...

And completely off topic for a second, I know I have a few Iranian readers. All I want to say is good luck and stay safe! The world is pulling for ya!

In addition to this eclipse, there was an eclipse a few hours ago (5:52 pm MST) over the northern leading hemisphere and there will be one later on June 16 (3:39 pm MST) over the northern trailing hemisphere.

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