Friday, June 19, 2009

More from the Road: Albuquerque edition

We pulled into Albuquerque a couple of hours ago after driving along I-40 from Holbrook, Arizona, where we stayed last night. The drive was supposed to be a straight drive with a few stops for gas, lunch, and snacks. However, we ended up stopping at the El Malpais National Monument, in Northwestern New Mexico, along I-40 west of Albuquerque. El Malpais is part of the Zuni-Bandera Flow field, an area of basaltic a'a and pahoehoe flows that erupted during the holocene and pleistocene, as recently as 3000 years before present. Very neat vistas, and don't worry, I got enough images to make a great panorama when I get home.

I posted more images from this trip on my Facebook page which you all can check out. The image at left is me at a scenic overlook at El Malpais a few miles past the ranger station. I will post more there each day of the trip as well as when I get home.

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