Saturday, June 20, 2009

More From Albuquerque

Today, we went up to Los Alamos and Santa Fe. The ride up allowed us to see quite a bit of rain, make the drive up a little boring, not being able to see as much out the window. Once we got up to Los Alamos, we visited the Bradbury Science Museum which had quite a bit of information on the Manhattan Project and the Nuclear Lab in Los Alamos plus other science projects being conducted in the town. We weren't completely prepared for 50 degree weather so we stopped at a nice diner in Los Alamos where I got some chili.

We then went down to Santa Fe to see the State Capitol. The streets in Santa Fe, were laid out by someone who was clearly either drunk or high, or maybe both. They don't believe in the grid pattern in Santa Fe. We eventually did find the state capitol, where we spent 30 minutes or so touring the Senate and House galleries. Lots of art in the hallways.

The drive back to Albuquerque was a lot better than the drive up to Santa Fe and Los Alamos. First, the skies had cleared a bit so we could actually see distant landmarks. Second, we passed by a very strong thunderstorm west of I-25 with some very strong downdrafts and heavy rainfall. Luckily, we did not get caught up in the rain, though we considered chasing the storm before we found out that there were no paved roads in the area west of I-25 between Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

We are back in Albuquerque now, probably going to go to Waffle House for dinner. Tomorrow, we are going to start to head back to Tucson, but we will make a stop at the Very Large Array, a radio telescope array made famous in the movie Contact.

Images I took today and other parts of my trip can be seen on my Facebook page.

I will give another report tomorrow. In the mean time, check out the videos of the two Callisto eclipses that occurred earlier today in the southern trailing hemisphere of Io (just simulations, no actual telescope images).

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