Monday, March 1, 2010

Carnival of Space #143 @ Next Big Future

The 143rd edition of the Carnival of Space, a weekly series highlighting the best in the astronomy and space blogosphere, is now online at Next Big Future.  You know the drill.  Some great posts on 3D visualization of Martian dust avalanches based on a shape-from-shading DEM from HiRISE data, bad movie science, umbraphiles, and Russia now funding its nuclear programs.

In other news, LPSC started today.  While I am here in Tucson, I've been able to follow the results that have been presented at the conference using Twitter.  You can too using the hash topic, #LPSC.  Today there have been some great tweets from NASA Night when people from headquarters discussed the new NASA budget, getting most of their questions about the change in focus for the Exploration Directorate.  A few people to follow include: @elakdawalla (blogger from the Planetary Society), @jhjones (who set up the Outer Planets missions display), @aggieastronaut, @DAstronomer, @barbylon, @starstryder, @The_Stargazer, @WomenPlanetSci, @astraea_sophia.

Finally, Callisto is today's (March 2) Wikipedia Featured Article. This makes it the last of the four Galilean satellites to be featured on the popular online encyclopedia.

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