Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Two more Europa mosaics

Okay, two more Europa mosaics then I'm done.  Honestly, I just made these because I hadn't seen them online and I have been been reading from the recently published Europa book and these help me follow along.  But I promise, I won't desecrate this blog with any more of this vile Europan filth anymore ;-)
  • 15ESREGMAP01 - This mosaic covers the terrain north from the 17ESREGMAP01 mosaic presented yesterday.  This mosaic runs from Mehen Linea in the top frame, across the intersection of Minos and Udaeus Lineae, and finally to the lenticulated terrain northwest of Dyfed Regio.  A portion of the middle of this mosaic was covered by the higher resolution mosaic, 19ESRHADAM01.  This mosaic has a resolution of 228 meters per pixel.
  • 15ESREGMAP02 - This mosaic covers the terrain north from the 17ESREGMAP02 mosaic presented yesterday.  This mosaic covers the famous, mitten-shaped chaos region, Murias Chaos as well as two good sized impact craters, Brigid (three quarters of the way down) and Maeve (in the top frame).
That's it.  No more.  I am done with Europa. I need a shower.  I feel unclean now.

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    1. Well, at least the mitten could've been due to a volcano maybe...