Friday, August 20, 2010

The Remains of the Week

I just wanted to fire off a quick post with other Jupiter/Io-related news that is hitting the intertubes this week:
  • The Carnival of Space, hosted here last week, is hosted this week for the 167th Edition over at Space Tweeps, a group of Tweeters who post quick space news on Twitter.  A couple of posts that caught my eye include one from Paul Schenk showing off some new videos he created using topography and color data from Cassini and another from the IAG Planetary Geomorphology Working Group discussing hematite-rich regions on Mars (like the area Opportunity is sprinting across this week).
  • We are approaching next month's once-every-13-months alignment with Jupiter known as opposition.  As we get closer to the opposition on September 22, many amateur planetary astronomers are pointing their scopes up at Jupiter to catch the best views of the planet on offer this year. One of my favorites showing Jupiter with Io is this one at right from Anthony Wesley, an astrophotographer out of Australia (who is best known for discovery not one but TWO impacts on Jupiter).  It was taken on Wednesday from Exmouth, Western Australia.  You can find more images of Jupiter by astronomers from around the world over at the ALPO-Japan and from the Cloudy Nights forum.
  • I want to thank Emily Lakdawalla for re-publishing my post on Io's true-color processing.  She even dug up a nice chart showing the spectral curves of the cones in your retinas :)
  • Finally, Björn Jónsson created a nice, 12-frame color mosaic from Voyager 1 data of Jupiter.  Very nice!  I hope he posts more.
Link: Carnival of Space #167: The Space Tweeps Edition []
Link: ALPO-Japan's Jupiter Section []

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