Friday, April 25, 2008

EJSM Workshop in Rome

The Europa/Jupiter System Mission JSDT hosted two meetings this week in Rome, Italy to further develop the payload for ESA's proposed Jupiter Planetary Orbiter and the scientific objectives and Europa and Jupiter, as well as to solicit input from the community on the kinds of science that might be done at the Jupiter system with these 2-4 spacecraft.

While I don't expect anything to be published online from the internal JSDT meeting, we might see stuff from the open community meeting that took place on Monday and Tuesday. The agenda for this meeting is online. Looks like some interesting topics were discussed with John Spencer presenting on Io science. The first day looks like mostly a series of presentations on science objectives for the various mission components as it stands now for EJSM. The second day is a mix of the team presenting what they have so far on the payload development, followed by suggestions for payload elements from the community.

I'll report here if I hear any news from this meeting.

Link: Europa-Jupiter International Science Workshop []

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