Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Reprocessed Mosaics from I27

Now that I am done with mosaicking images from I24, it is time to move on to I27. What about I25 and E26, you may ask? Well, for right now, I have all those images processed into nice mosaics. The only thing I can see doing is maybe some noise filtering and updating the color in the Culann mosaic.

For I27, I had previously uploaded mosaics of Amirani, Prometheus, the Chaac-Camaxtli region (as well as a version combined with C21 color), Tvashtar, and a cliff east of Isum Patera.

The two mosaics I worked on this time around include a high resolution view of Prometheus and environs and Tohil Mons. 27ISPROMTH01 is an eight-frame mosaic covering parts of the Prometheus flow field and the ridges just to the north of the field. Bright sulfur dioxide frost is clear visible superimposed on the ridges, blasted out from active flow fronts as the volatile is superheated after being covered in lava. The ridges are a fairly ubiquitous feature on Io's equatorial bright snowfields and are thought to be created as a response by the weak, SO2-rich surface layer to the local tidal stresses (see Bart et al. 2004). Toward the lower right of the mosaic, you can see two spots of incandescent lava. 27ISTOHIL_01 is a high-sun view of the mountain Tohil Mons (check out this I32 mosaic for a low-sun view of the same area). This observation is similar to one acquired in I24. The two mosaics allowed scientists to develop Digital Elevation Models of the mountain. The dark volcano near the center of 27ISTOHIL_01 is called Radagast Patera and the one to the northeast of that is Tohil Patera.

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  1. i had some fun with one of your images from I25: hope you don’t mind… i can pull it if you prefer your work not altered in any way.