Friday, April 25, 2008

Io on Youtube

Continuing my series on Io resources online, today we look at Io on the world's largest video sharing website, Youtube. To be honest, I am not a big Youtube user, visiting the site maybe a few times a month. Most of the videos on the site just aren't all that interesting to me, or are clearly aimed at an audience that I am not part of. But still there are a few interesting Io-related videos on Youtube:

  • The one above is perhaps my favorite, the history of Io in song form, complete with accordion and mandolin.
  • A video from the Europan propaganda machine (with Bill McKinnon)
  • Video Podcast from the New Horizons flyby showing the reaction of Hal Weaver, Andy Cheng, and John Spencer to the first images down of Io - Part 1 and Part 2.
  • There is a nice clip from a BBC "documentary" called Voyage to the Planets with a segment on Io. Worst. Fake. Io. Ever! First, what dumb idiot would land on a lava flow? The fact that you landed near a fracking skylight should have told you something, but no... Second, I may have missed that part of my Physics classes, but I seem to recall something about light (and that includes TV transmissions from the surface of Io) taking an hour or so to go from Io to Earth... Am I the only one who is hoping for either A) Radiation sickness striking "I don't need my anti-radiation pills" Zoe or B) that the ground opens up beneath "Hmm, this crusted over lava flow looks like a nice place to land" Zoe? Don't go toward the light!
  • The theatrical trailer for Outland
  • Message from Io - Another Io song

UPDATE 09/24/2008: I updated this post with a new url for the Io Song.

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