Sunday, January 3, 2010

Carnival of Space #135 @ Steve's Astro Corner

The 135th edition of the Carnival of Space and the first of 2010 is now online at Steve's Astro Corner.  The CoS provides links to the best in the space blogosphere from the last week.  Based on the posts highlighted, I take it that Jupiter hasn't turned into Lucifer?  Yet...  Still, this week, we are treated to articles on last week's "Blue Moon" partial lunar eclipse, the TiME Titan lander, and on new sunspots on the Sun (now coming out of a rather quiet solar minimum).

With 2010 now underway, commemorations to the Arthur C. Clarke book and Peter Hyams movie are already well underway, from a monolith in the snows of Nibley, Utah to one on Europa Lane.  Remember no one WANTS to go to Europa, so why bother landing there ;-)

Finally, as you can see above, I've been playing around with making a new top banner for the blog.  Expect another blog post later today related to that...

Link: Steve's Astro corner: 2010 The Carnival of Space #135 []


  1. Hi Jason,
    I may be as dense as a neutron star but I did not get the lucifer comment. I hope I did not make you angry. I love your Blog. Steer me straight As me rudder might be slightly kiltered.
    Steve T

  2. Lucifer is the name given to the star that formed after the monoliths caused the gravitational collapse of Jupiter in Arthur C. Clarke's book "2010: A Second Odyssey" and the subsequent Peter Hyams movie, "2010: The Year we make contact".

  3. Jason I am dense! The complete 2010 thing eluded me. I completely get it now. I am just glad that was not a snake as I would have surely been biten