Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Videos Showing Topography in the Jupiter System

Paul Schenk has posted some new, high-definition videos on Youtube showing the topography of various surface features across the four Galilean satellites.  These videos were created for a conference/celebration going on in Padua starting today, the IAU Symposium 269: Galileo's Medicean Moons - Their Impact on 400 Years of Discovery.  Schenk's videos can be found online at his Youtube channel, GalSat400.  These videos are based on photoclinometry and stereo imaging derived from Galileo images.  Photoclinometry uses changes in the topographic shading of a features to determine local slopes, and thus topography.  Stereo imaging uses pairs of images taken at different viewing angles to determine topography.  The latter example are often depicted as stereo pairs or anaglyphs.  For Io, these videos include flyovers of Tohil Mons based in part on a high-resolution mosaic of mountain from Galileo's flyby of Io during orbit I32, Hi'iaka Montes from I25 data, and the Pillan flow field from I24 data (not posted yet but I definitely look forward to Paul getting that online).  For your convenience, those videos are also below.  Paul has also post videos using high-resolution Galileo mosaics for the other Galileans.  Of these other videos, I kinda like the flyover of Manannan crater on Europa.  This relatively small impact crater looks crater-ish from a distance, but up close, when you look a the topography of the feature, you can see that the thin ice shell and ductile layers of that shell have mangled that crater out of all recognition.

Definite check these videos out!

Tohil Mons, Io (high-resolution)

Liftoff from Hi'iaka Montes

Link: Youtube - GalSat400's channel []
Link: Galileo and Padova - 1610-2010 Celebration (New Videos) []

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