Sunday, January 31, 2010

Io articles on Wikipedia

This evening between rounds of Modern Warfare 2, I thought I would get some Wikipedia editing in.  Over the last week or so, I've been working to improve some of the Io-related articles on the site.  The primary article on Io is already a featured article on the website, as is Volcanism on Io, both of which I worked to bring it up to the state it is in along with some great editors in the Solar System Wikiproject in 2008.

This time around, I've been focusing on individual articles for some of the more important surface features on Io, those with plenty of sources for use as references.  To support this effort, I improved the lists of Ionian surface features to include additional information such as mountain height and whether activity has been observed at each named volcano or lava flow.  You can check out the lists for bright regions, volcanic features, and mountains to see those improvements.

This evening I created articles for Masubi and Tupan Patera.  These should be fairly comprehensive with appropriate images for both, particularly Masubi.  In the last year, I also created articles for Surt, Prometheus, Pele, and Amirani, with the latter two definitely in need of improvement.  I certainly welcome others to join in on this effort.  Keep in mind that for many internet users, Wikipedia articles come up first in Google searches for many topics, and they will be seen as the first and last source of information on some topics.  I believe it is important that this information is as accurate, comprehensive, and well-sourced as possible.  My list for which volcano articles are most important for updating or starting can be found on the Io article's talk page.

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