Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Quadricentennial around the Intertubes

Of course I am not the only blogger to make note of today's anniversary.  Here are a collection of links from other commentators for this special day:
I am sure there are others I am missing.  Feel free to send those links along I will update this post with the links.  As mentioned in a few of the links above, now is a great time to view Jupiter in the southwestern sky just after sunset, before Jupiter reaches conjunction.  Jupiter appears as a -2 magnitude star to the unaided eye about 20 degrees or so above the horizon.  With a telescope or with a decent pair of binoculars, you should be able to see a pair of moons on each side of Jupiter, tonight, unless you are socked in by a snow storm ;-)

EDIT 01/07/2010 2:33 pm: Added commemoration and JPL Blog post.  Tip o' the hat to Jani Radebaugh and Daniel Fischer.

Happy Io Discovery Day, everyone!



    2. Hi, I'm Luis Saldarriaga, amateur Exobiologist.
      I posted a note about the Galileo's remarkable discovery (in Spanish). Just follow this link: