Wednesday, January 20, 2010

LPSC 2010 Abstracts Now Online

Abstracts for the 2010 Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference (also known as LPSC) are now online. The final announcement for attendees has also been published.

This year's conference is at The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel north of Houston, Texas. This year's conference has also been moved to one week earlier than usual, the week before spring break for many universities. The conference is scheduled for March 1–5, 2010.

Several Io-related abstracts have been submitted for the conference. Unlike previous years, talks and posters this year are generally organized by process, as opposed to specific Io or Galilean satellites sessions.  Also, there is definitely an increase in the percentage of Moon or Mars related sessions as opposed to meteorites or outer solar system topics.  As a consequence of the former, these talks and posters will be in different sessions.

By now I am sure you know the drill.  Over the next few days, I will post discussions of each abstract here on the blog.  The links below take you to the abstracts themselves.  I will add links to my discussion of them as they are posted in the bullet list below.

Because these talks and posters are less centralized than they usually are in an Io session, it is possible that I might have missed one.  Let me know if I did.

Oh one other abstract I will be talking about here that isn't Io-related, but still cool and is Jupiter-related: A New Ring or Ring Arc of Jupiter? by A. F. Cheng.  Apparently, Phoebe isn't the only outer irregular moon with an associated dust ring.  Seriously, at this point, can we just say that small moons in the outer solar system, unless strongly gravitational effected by a much larger moon (so scratch Telesto or Helene at Saturn, yeah I know, I will come to eat those words come March 4), have dust rings associated with them.  Weaklings, can't even hold up to micrometeorite impacts...

Link: 41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (2010) []

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