Monday, February 8, 2010

Carnival of Space #140 @ Lights in the Dark

The 140th edition of the Carnival of Space, a weekly series highlighting the best in the astronomy and space blogosphere, is now online at Lights in the Dark, a blog dedicated to the latest images of our wonderful solar system.  You know the drill.  Some great posts on the latest age estimate for the universe, the mechanics of black holes, and early coverage of the latest shuttle launch, STS-130.  <Schwarzenegger voice> Go there.  Go there now!!!</Schwarzenegger voice>

I should also point out that at some point this week, I will post articles on the two remaining LPSC 2010 abstracts about Io that I haven't discussed yet.  They will take just a wee bit longer for a few reasons.  First, they cover modeling of Io's atmosphere, which as usual is difficult for me to summarize.  Second, both abstracts have related papers now in press in Icarus, so I can summarize the papers, not just the 2-page LPSC abstract.  Given the above, this will make the process even longer.  Finally, in about 5 minutes I am going to head out to Gamespot to pick up Bioshock 2 and Dante's Inferno, two games that will soak up a lot of my non-work time.  So bear with me a bit on this...

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