Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Giant Book of Europa

Well, I ended up breaking down and picking up the new Europa book at the University of Arizona bookstore.  This 727-page tome by University of Arizona Press covers a number of Europa topics including its geology, the geophysics of its iceshell, its induced magnetic field, and of course, its potential to be an abode for life.  I haven't had much time to sort through it yet; I'm still trying to get through Titan from Cassini-Huygens that was sent to me last month.  However, I do like the abundant coverage of Europa geology, which holds much more interest to me than the speculation of whether Europa's sub-surface ocean contains life.  This book is edited by Bob Pappalardo, Bill McKinnon, and Krishan Khurana and each chapter has different authors that serve as a review paper for our current understanding of different topics.  Right now, I am flipping through the induced magnetic field chapter (by Krishan Khurana) since it certainly helps with understanding the recent Io results.

Yes, I know that buying a book all about Europa makes me a traitor... I know, I know...

Link: Europa (University of Arizona Space Science Series) (Hardcover) []

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