Sunday, March 30, 2008

Amirani-Skythia-Gish Bar mosaic from I24

Just finished up with this mosaic from Galileo's I24 flyby, 24ISAMSKGI01. This mosaic was released as PIA02526, a combination of high resolution clear filter data from this mosaic and lower resolution false-color from C21.

A lot of interesting geologic features can be seen in this mosaic, including several mountains, volcanic depressions, and lava flows. The name sake for this website, Gish Bar Patera and Gish Bar Mons, can be see on the right side of the mosaic. Io's most powerful lava flow field, Amirani, can be seen just to the right of the large gap in the mosaic. Monan Patera, Monan Mons, Skythia Mons, and Ah Peku Patera can be seen between Gish Bar and Amirani.

One more mosaic left to go for I24...

Link: Galileo I24 Images []

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