Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Moses Milazzo's Going Away Party

The denizens of the Planetary Image Research Laboratory (PIRL) had a going away potluck lunch today for Moses Milazzo and Chris Okubo. Both are working on the HiRISE project for PIRL's director (and my boss), Alfred McEwen. Moses Milazzo has been at PIRL since 1997. At one point, he worked pretty heavily on Galileo image processing, particularly Galileo cartographic work and mosaics of Io. A couple of the more prominent mosaics that he worked on that were released during the Galileo mission include the C21 color mosaic (left) and merged low-resolution color-high resolution greyscale data from the Io flybys (like this one of the Culann-Tohil region).

Moses will now be moving on to the USGS Astrogeology department in Flagstaff, Arizona. Good luck to him there. This also makes me the last of the "Io-era" holdouts.

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