Monday, March 24, 2008

OPAG Spring Meeting

For those of you cooler than I going to the Outer Planets Assessment Group (OPAG) Spring Meeting in Boulder, Colorado next week, the preliminary agenda is now online. A good amount of the first day will be spent going over the two Joint Science Definition Team (JSDT) studies for the next flagship mission. For those not cool enough to be at the meeting, the presentations for the meeting should be online shortly after the meeting concludes on April 1.

Also on the OPAG website is the schedule of meetings for the Titan/Saturn and Europa/Jupiter JSDTs. So it looks like these studies are getting formulated pretty quickly. There is even a Titan/Saturn meeting here in Tucson, but it is not open to the community.

Besides, they wouldn't let me in the Jupiter/Europa meetings lest I go in there like Lyle Lanley trying to get them to spend their money to go to Io instead of Europa... "But Europa's Crust is still all cracked and broken! Sorry, Bob, the mob has spoken..."

Link: OPAG Preliminary Agenda []

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