Monday, March 10, 2008

Not in Houston

For the last time, I am not in Houston. My current location is nearly 1,100 miles from the conference center (by car). So, I am not at LPSC this year. Don't blame me, blame LPSC being a week earlier this year (and not coinciding with the U of A's Spring Break). Blame Enceladus. Blame Titan not being cool enough lately.

Even though I am not at LPSC, there are a few attendees blogging about their experience. Emily Lakdawalla is reporting from the first day of LPSC and the MESSENGER and SELENE Special Sessions for the Planetary Society. Rebecca Bemrose-Fetter and Pamela Gay are blogging for Astronomy Cast Live, so far giving plenty of details on today's sessions. Rebecca and Pamela do a remarkable job handling the MESSENGER results, despite not being geologists. I could follow what they were trying to convey, anyway.


  1. Hi Jason - Thanks for your patience with or astrophysics trained brains. I have to admit that we have both done a fair bit of googling to translate for ourselves some of the talks.

    I wish you could have been here.

    Did you see there was a session titled "Outer Planet Satellites: Not Titan Not Enceladus"?


  2. No problem.

    I did see that post. I was a co-author on one of the talks in that session, "Iapetus Imaging During the Targeted Flyby of the Cassini Spacecraft" by Tilmann Denk. I also am a co-author on a talk in the Titan Posters session, "Cassini Imaging Observations of Titan's High-Latitude Lakes" by Elizabeth Turtle.