Saturday, March 22, 2008

Icarus April 2008 Issue

The April issue of the prominent Planetary Science journal Icarus is now online for subscribers. Among the articles in this issue are two that are directly related to Io. The first, by José Luis Alvarellos, Kevin J. Zahnle, Anthony R. Dobrovolskis and Patrick Hamill, is titled "Transfer of mass from Io to Europa and beyond due to cometary impacts." In that paper, the authors presents the results of modeling ejecta from impacts onto the surface of Io and where that ejecta eventually end up. The second paper, by Donia Baklouti, Bernard Schmitt and Olivier Brissaud, is titled "S2O, polysulfuroxide and sulfur polymer on Io's surface?" In that paper, the authors discuss laboratory spectral measurements of S2O and other polysulfuroxide and experiments to see if condensates from these compounds are stable on Io's surface.

I will try to read through these papers this weekend and give a more thorough review of them here tomorrow.

Link: Science Direct - Icarus, Volume 194, Issue 2, Pages 399-858 (April 2008) []

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