Sunday, March 9, 2008

C10 and I27 Reprocessed Images

Finished up on reprocessing images from Galileo orbit C10 and worked a bit more on images from orbit I27 today.

Images from Galileo orbit C10 were acquired on September 18 and 19, 1997. Images from this encounter showed the aftereffects of eruptions at Pillan, Masubi, and West Zal during the summer of 1997. 10ISIOGLOC03 shows the trailing hemisphere of Io at 5 km/pixel. The dark pyroclastic deposits from the Pillan eruption are seen to the northwest of Pele (the volcano at the center of the ring of red material at lower left). 10ISIOGLOC01 shows the leading hemisphere. New plume deposits were seen at a volcano west of Zal Patera and at Masubi in that observation. 10ISIOTOPO02 revealed mountains and other topographic features between 60 and 90 West Longitude.

As I mentioned last night, I put together the CAMAXT01 mosaic from Galileo's February 2000 flyby of Io. This mosaic shows the region between Chaac Patera and Camaxtli Patera on Io's antijovian hemisphere at 185 m/pixel. I have now finished a version of the mosaic that combines the high-resolution clear filter data and lower resolution color data from orbit C21. Definitely worth checking out. A similar product was released shortly after the flyby. For my version, I used Moses Milazzo's "true" color version of the C21 mosaic, whereas the official version used the false color mosaic. In addition, the release version was posted before all of the fourth frame of the mosaic was returned to Earth, so this version has the entire mosaic.

Hope you all like.

Link: Galileo Images of Io []

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